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Vertebral World
Teacher: Ana Claudia Pedone

A flexible chain of interlocking bone and fascia, housing the nervous cabling while suspending and bracing all the vital organs, the spine is one of the primary elements that we share with most of the ambulant life on this planet, and has been an evolutionary project since the first primordial fish. In this class we will review the structural limitations and attributes of this bio-(extremely)logical engineering wonder, and practice the various types of compensatory movements that the spine proposes for motion freaks and geeks.




Focus Flexibility
Teacher: Ana Claudia Pedone

As a culture we place a high value on flexibility, but is it really an absolute plus? What is the difference between elastic reformation and plastic deformation? Where and when do we need flexibility, and why? Are flexibility and integrity mutually exclusive? What are we stretching, and how much is actually beneficial?

In this class we will practice support related stretching intended to warm and prime the body for further action and go over the basics of skeletal/fascial alignment, allowing time to discuss current myths and policies surrounding the mystique of flexibility as compared to current scientific evidence.




Rewind your mind - game of perspectives

Teachers : Ana Claudia Pedone & Francesca Pedullà

When we look at something or someone, when we tell or listen to a story, we start from our point of view that is intrinsically made of many layers of influences: genetic, biological, cultural, social, conceptual, emotional... 


Are we capable of shifting our perspective? Can we turn our value scale upside down?


How many relationships between things can we perceive? Can we reveal them? 


Can we show plural points of view? Can we perform and be public at the same time?


During this choreolab we will challenge our perceptions, look for inspiration from text, artwork, images, and work to create a playful context to let our creativity free to flow.


Bio coming soon!

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