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The Axis Syllabus

AS 5th ed - Mapping the Body pg 20.png
AS 5th ed - Mapping the Body pg. 19.png

author: Frey Faust

The Axis Syllabusⓒ is a compendium of information about the human body drawn from the somatic sciences of anatomy, physics. 


The AS has inspired an ongoing interdisciplinary research and pedagogical project that explores relationships between movement, anatomy, physics and evolution often with a focus on dancing.

The work emphasizes an embodied approach to learning, where the body is considered as a primary source of knowledge and the central tool for exploration and discovery.


The AS was first consolidated in the late 90s thanks to the accurate and passionate work of the author, choreographer, dancer and pedagogue Frey Faust, as well as the contribution of an international network of artists, therapists, scientists, movement professionals who have gathered over time around Frey and who continue to feed the research.


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