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The Axis Syllabus

Overview and Application

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Frey Faust

Phase 4 August 20 - 25

from The Axis Syllabus reader Edition 5, pg 5

"While the Axis Syllabus is not a particular practice, the scientific method is. Observation, hypothesis, theory, testing for evidence, etc. When we apply this method to the problems we face when learning or teaching others how to move, we might prevent some injuries or discover time and energy saving tricks. In my observation, when a person is informed, they are better able to evaluate an activity, exercise or proposed physical education protocol for possible benefits or risks. The examination of the primary movement patterns of crawling, walking, running, jumping, turning, lifting and hanging can be considered the technical basis of all other movements in training, sport, dance, work and play.


When keys rather than encryption are offered, the student has the opportunity to empower themselves as an independent agent in the defense of their health and self-expression. Setting this priority, the student can then choose the degree of intensity and application in a consequent and ongoing negotiation with their own specific physical limitations and the materials proposed in class. This means that both the teacher’s esthetic preferences and the student’s ability to remember and execute motif is of secondary importance.


By health, I do not mean safety per say. Safety, in the form of over protection, observably renders a person weak and dependent or even resentful and aggressive. Granting self-governance to the degree possible and facing the challenges and risks involved promotes autonomy and resilience.


All the evidence points to a vast range of mental outlook and morphological variation among humans. This fact compels us to allow for individuation. The scientific method therefore, provides us with the information that allows us to draw conclusions and develop more appropriate strategies.


The Axis Syllabus is the result of an ongoing effort to gather and correlate the information relevant to those who want to improve or acquire superior skills, recover from injury or simply maintain themselves in good condition."

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