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#3 Nomadic College EarthDance

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The Open Mentoring Space is at once a library, a model building lab and practice zone. Members of the teacher staff will be on hand to respond to comments, reflections, questions and assist in detailing and examining personal practice.

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OCTOBER 1st to 14th



Francesca Pedulla / Frey Faust / Nuria Bowart / Claire Reid

WEEK ONE Oct 1st to 6th -
decryption, first principles

workshop one - 9:00 to 11:00  teacher: Francesca Pedullá

An exploratory process to observe and discover strategies of adjustment in the relationship: to oneself, to others, to space, to time.
Some questions and insights will guide our journey:
How we adapt to internal and external conditions?
How does individual morphology influence our experience?
How do we share the moment?
How do we share space?
How do we enjoy dancing for ourselves as we dance together?
This research will revolve around two concepts: somatological alignment implies respect for the inherent design of the body in the practice of postural "Neutrality". Practically speaking, postural neutrality is evident in the disciplined habit of joint contiguity or articular congruity while moving or when still. We will look intently at the body's reoccurring fractal paradigms, and consider how we enter into relationship with our body, with the environment, and with others as we dance. The workshop is open to dancers, actors, musicians, professionals and amateurs of the movement and to all those who are interested in experiencing an accurate awareness of the body and its expressive potential; during the work I will offer theoretical and practical stimuli, individual and group improvisations, and we will share moments of collective dance.


workshop two -  11:15 to 13:15  Claire Reid

In the tendency to move in cycles and phases - our bodies are no exception. How can we catch and ride cycles and phases of movement so that we are engaged participants in the patterns at play? Beginning with the feet, upwards, we investigate the interactions of our structure, with the ground. Explore the varied topography of the body, how it converses with terrain, and the interweaving cycles that allow us to move through this world. Ground with the miracle of our assembly, to move like a wave across the land.

lunch 13:30 to 14:30     

workshop three - 15:00 to 17:00   Frey Faust  

Roll, Pile, Topple, Launch, Lever, Pendulate, 
Vault, Recoil, Truss and Grapple.

Classic Axis Syllabus. Applied articular anatomy. Support types and categories. Healthy postural solutions for level changes. Effective energy conservation and management. 

Under construction since 1994, the concept of Chronological Architecture (CA) represents the context of an ongoing compilation of empirical data concerning optimal options for human locomotion. The most pertinent investigation and fundamental application of all AS operating theories concerning the implementation of clinical and empirical motion protocols, CA is actually another term for the Axis Syllabus itself. The most important and pioneering aspect of this work is research into and categorization of the spinal mechanics inherent in each of the Priority Support Categories, as well as the non-colloquial naming of these categories. The PSC represent specific, anatomically defined postural relationships to surfaces that provide support, whether they are objects that are under our mass or objects we can hang from, lean on or away from. In each of the Spheres, the spine behaves slightly differently as it piles or swings the core masses towards or away from the support surface. This is why it is vital to categorize and understand what our most structurally supported options are for each Sphere, as well as investigating the most appropriate transitional strategies for moving from one Priority Support Category to another.


workshop four - 17:15 to 19:15   Nuria Bowart
FASCIA, A SYSTEM: an exploration of fascial intelligence.
In this class we will look at the physiology of fascia, its qualities and functions and what we may mean when we are using the word fascia. We will enter into research and experimentation alone and in groups working to utilize many ways of  “turning on”  our fascial intelligence. In this class we will be challenging the notion of individual and looking at the role of fascia in understanding what it is to be interconnected.

dinner 20:00 to 21:00


The open mentoring space will be available to all NC participants without further charge.

Each of the teachers on staff will be on hand once a week to answer questions or give feedback.  

WEEK TWO Oct 8 to 13 - adding challenges

workshop one - 9:00 to 11:00  teacher: Nuria Bowart


tensegrity and elastic recoil in application
In this class we will explore our own elastic potential.Through the use of dynamic alignment and respecting moderate joint parameters we can find ways to support efficiency of movement and work within functional timing to help us loft and bound through space. “Wind-ups” using spirilic pathways through space become the logical option when working to conserve energy and manage gravity. We will work with steering our weight using whole body awareness through fascial integration and sequential activation to graceful falls and rebounds through space.

Attendence to Fascia, a system, in the first week is suggested but not required for to attend “you are your own amusement ride”.

workshop two - 11:15 to 13:15 teacher: Francesca Pedullá


Jumping is a close cousin to walking, he loves risk and likes to spend some time in the air, growing ephemeral wings.
During the workshop we will observe some fundamental principles of walking biomechanics and how the bones and softer tissues collaborate to provide resilient tensegrity that allows us to break free of the earth’s gravitational field and experience the ephemeral joy of weightless flight.
We will review timing and coordination, alignment and safety protocols for shock absorption and propulsion and we will discuss how we can turn gravitational forces to our favor.

lunch 13:30 to 14:30   

workshop three 15:00 to 17:00  teacher: Claire Reid


An invitation to humble ourselves to greater forces of influence, we will develop our relationship with gravity.

How we can find resilience - not just in uprightness or prostration, but in all of the in-betweens. We will specifically focus on priming and tuning the body systems involved in balance, in order to grow skill in being off balance. And we will train being off balance, in order to strengthen the dynamic grace of balance.

workshop four - 17:15 to 19:15  teacher: Frey Faust

Week 2. Dancing Together - responsible and effective partnering skills

This class is a direct application of the technical counsel inherent in last week’s class, Chronological Architecture. 
(See previous description) 

Attendance to the CA class in the first week strongly recommended, but not mandatory.


dinner 19:00 to 20:00


The open mentoring space will be available to all NC participants without further charge.

Each of the teachers on staff will be on hand once a week to answer questions or give feedback.  


Free AS Lab Classes
tuesdays 2:30 to 4:pm

Saturday October 5th 8:30 to 9:30pm
performance: Elastic Empathic 
choreography and dance: Francesca Pedullá and Frey Faust

Saturday October 12th 8:30 to 9:30pm

Sharing:informal performance opportunity

for NC participants 

Closing Celebration!

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