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20 years

axis syllabus

15 .8. - 19.8.

20 YEARS of the Axis Syllabus


   August 15 to September 2  TANZFABRIK Berlin

21 .8. -  26.8.

29 .8. -  2.9.

This August, we will be celebrating 20 years of passionate investigation and ground-breaking discoveries, controversial friction, heated and fervent discussion, inspired and creative teaching, many healed and re-vitalized bodies the world over, and the constant, exponential growth of our community and network. 

The Axis Syllabus 20 year celebration unfolds in the form of two solid workshop phases taught by most of our most active certified members, and a centerpiece summit phase where the Axis Syllabus community will collaborate on format and event nature. You can expect master classes representing the wide spectrum of AS expertise, as well as conferences, exhibits, performances, jams, discussion panels, field trips, and parties.


Our cooperation partners for this event is TANZFABRIK BERLIN!

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