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Dates: August 9th to 27th


Teachers: Francesca Pedullá, Nuvola Vandini, Manuela Martella,

Eric Acakpo, Lorenzo Gasperoni, Barış Mıhçı, Jerome D'Orso and Frey Faust


Each session is 6 days long

Tuesday - day off/ departure/ arrival 

Week 1 - August 9-14

Opening the Axis Syllabus Archives

9:00-11:00   "Floodlights ON!" - sensing anatomy and alignment with Frey Faust

11:15-13:15  "Smart Transfer" - differentiated movement between body parts with Barış Mıhçı

16:30-18:30  "Take in, Take Away" - perceiving the body in-and-as environment with Francesca Pedullá 

16:30-18:30  "Dance the Thin Line" - tight rope with Jerome D'Orso (max. 12 students?)

Wednesday 9 and Friday 11 14:30-16:00

Movement Literacy - The Axis Syllabus Notation System

With Manuela Martella

Saturday 12 21:00

Racines de Songes

choreography/dance Anne Cecile Chantune

Week 2 August 16-21

Applications / Practice

9:00-11:00     "Walking, Discover the Path" - movement trajectory, angles and curves with Jerome D'Orso 

11:15-13:15    "Time Loops" - kinespheric orientation and vectors with Frey Faust 


16:30-18:30    "Between Shape and Shapeless" - dissolving clarity in transitional moments with Nuvola Vandini 

Wednesday 16 and Friday 18 at 20:00-21:30  

"The Fa" - Stories from Parallel Worlds, told by Eric Acakpo


Monday 21 20:30

Sharing - offerings from the NC participants

Week 3 August 23-28

Selected Delights 

9:00-11:00    "Ancient Kinetic Wisdom" - the polyrhythmic body

               With Francesca Pedullá, Eric Acakpo, Lorenzo Gasperoni

11:15-13:15   "Sudden Moves From Somewhere" - understanding central organisation for movement with Barış Mıhçı 

16:30-18:30   "Charmed Efficiency" - an ecological approach to human locmotion with Frey Faust

Thursday 24 19:00

Lu Canizzu

Choreography/Dance: Anne Cecile Chantune, Francesca Pedullá, Barış Mıhçı, Frey Faust

Wednesday 23, Friday 25 and Sunday 27 at 14:30-16:00

with Lorenzo Gasperoni

"The relationship between music and dance is dialectical in nature. Dance presupposes music and is also conditioned by it, but at the same time dance influences or even controls Music as it takes possession." Luciano Berio.

Music and Dance are sister art forms that both describe or articulate time and space. Possibly the first scenographic elements that a Dancer must confront are sounds and silences, while the plasticity and dynamism of the human Body in Motion are likely to have been among the first Inspiration for melody and rhythm. 
The objective of this Workshop cycle will be to provide dancers with the analytical means to a more profound and rewarding relationship with Musical material, and more acute ability to listen and hear. A large part of the session will Focus on rhythm, because the first relationship of the dancer is the mapping of time through Pulsation or frequency, whether regular, irregular or Abstract.  
Please bring a Piece of Music you would like to analyze.


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