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WORKSHOPS and performances

a collaboration between La Radice dei Viandanti and Les Arts Felus

Dates: August 10th to 29th


Teachers: Francesca Pedullá, Anne Cecile Chane-Tune, Manuela Martella,

Eric Acakpo, Barış Mıhçı, Jerome D'Orso and Frey Faust


Each session is 6 days long

Friday - day off/ departure/ arrival 

                 Week 1 - August 10-15

                                 Soil for Seeds - Axis Syllabus fundamentals in practice 

9:00-11:00   "Getting Loose" - prepare to enjoy moving with Frey Faust

11:15-13:15  "inter-Spheres" - the significance of planes and axes for movers with Barış Mıhçı

16:30-18:30  "Between the Lines " - discovering relational ecologies; perceiving the environment through movement with Francesca Pedullá 

16:30-18:30  "Walk the Line" - dancing on the tightrope with Jerome D'Orso (max. 12 students?)

Saturday 10th 18:45 - 19:30  Orientation Circle

Sunday 11th, Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th - 14:45-16:15

Extra Class: Movement Literacy - The Axis Syllabus Notation System

With Manuela Martella

                 Week 2 August 17-22

                                 Germinating Sprouts - Applications and Practices

9:00-11:00     "Swinging Reflections" - The arms and their relationship with the spine - with Jerome D'Orso 

11:15-13:15    "Looney Legs" - dancing with flying fantasy and joyful folly with Anne Cecile Chane-Tune 


16:30-18:30    "Suspended Compression" - how to levitate / the magic of support - with Frey Faust

Saturday 17th 18:45 - 19:30  Orientation Circle

Sunday 18, Monday 19 and Tuesday 21 at 14:45- 16:15   

"The Fa" - songs, rhythms and stories with Eric Acakpo

Sunday 18 21:00 PERFORMANCE

Elastic Empathic

choreography/dance Francesca Pedullá, Frey Faust

Thursday 22 20:30

Sharing - offerings from the NC participants


                  Week 3 August 24-29

                                   Blooming Blossoms 

                                   9:00-11:00    "Ancient Kinetic Wisdom" - (live music)

                                                 the biomechanical genius of tradition

                                                 with Francesca Pedullá,

                                                 Live Music: Eric Acakpo and Alessio Turconi 

                                   11:15-13:15   "Hidden Moves" - The effect of the unseen - with Barış Mıhçı 

                                   16:30-18:30   "Nature Unveiled" - Celebrating embodiment - with Frey Faust

Saturday 24th 18:45 - 19:30  Orientation Circle

Tuesday 27 20:30

Sharing - offerings from the NC participants


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SEPTEMBER 6 to 10 in ITALY at La Radice Dei Viandanti

Creative Laboratory - Environmental Frequencies

Francesca Pedullá - Barış Mihçi​​​
with the special participation of Eric Acakpo

Sept 6th to 9th - 9:30 to 12:30
Sept 10th - 15:00 - 18:00 and 18:30 Performance 

We will propose a subtle, mentally and physically stimulating inquest into internal and external conditions. We have prepared a variety of engaging games and perspective shifting tasks that disturb and refresh viewpoint and offer grounds for renewed understanding, awareness and choice of options. This session is meant as a key-in to tune into the self, and tune oneself to the local environment, to the others present, to the larger biosphere, the planet, the universe….

We will accompany you in transforming this experience into a creative journey, assisting you in an artistic re-elaboration that we will share at the end of the session.

Environmental Frequencies will culminate with a public showing



Hand Clad Feet -Artisanal Shoe-Making Workshop & Walking Theory
Frey Faust

Gait Analysis: reeducation, anatomical information 
Make a Shoe: practicality, durability, flexibility, anatomical support, style 


Sept 6th to 9th - 16:00 to 19:00
Sept 10th - 9:30 - 12:30


Frey will teach you the basics of shoe making, including anatomy-friendly design, cutting, gluing, sewing and finishing techniques.

To participate in this workshop, you must think about and acquire:


Materials for closure: buttons, buckles, laces, zippers...etc. 

Thin, flexible leather for upper parts, about 3 sq m

Thin, tough leather for the soles and heels

Light, thin rubber sheets for the soles

Hook awl

Thick waxed cotton thread

4 large tubes of contact glue

Heavy duty scissors

Needle-nosed pliers

Large blunt needle 


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