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WORKSHOPS and performances

a collaboration between La Radice dei Viandanti and Les Arts Felus

Dates: August 10th to 29th


Teachers: Francesca Pedullá, Anne Cecile Chane-Tune, Manuela Martella,

Eric Acakpo, Barış Mıhçı, Jerome D'Orso and Frey Faust


Each session is 6 days long

Friday - day off/ departure/ arrival 

                 Week 1 - August 10-15

                                 Soil for Seeds - Axis Syllabus fundamentals in practice 

9:00-11:00   "Getting Loose" - prepare to enjoy moving with Frey Faust

11:15-13:15  "inter-Spheres" - the significance of planes and axes for movers with Barış Mıhçı

16:30-18:30  "Between the Lines " - discovering relational ecologies; perceiving the environment through movement with Francesca Pedullá 

16:30-18:30  "Walk the Line" - dancing on the tightrope with Jerome D'Orso (max. 12 students?)

Saturday 10th 18:45 - 19:30  Orientation Circle

Sunday 11th, Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th - 14:45-16:15

Extra Class: Movement Literacy - The Axis Syllabus Notation System

With Manuela Martella

                 Week 2 August 17-22

                                 Germinating Sprouts - Applications and Practices

9:00-11:00     "Swinging Reflections" - The arms and their relationship with the spine - with Jerome D'Orso 

11:15-13:15    "Looney Legs" - dancing with flying fantasy and joyful folly with Anne Cecile Chane-Tune 


16:30-18:30    "Suspended Compression" - how to levitate / the magic of support - with Frey Faust

Saturday 17th 18:45 - 19:30  Orientation Circle

Sunday 18, Monday 19 and Tuesday 21 at 14:45- 16:15   

"The Fa" - songs, rhythms and stories with Eric Acakpo

Sunday 18 21:00 PERFORMANCE

Elastic Empathic

choreography/dance Francesca Pedullá, Frey Faust

Thursday 22 20:30

Sharing - offerings from the NC participants


                  Week 3 August 23-28

                                   Blooming Blossoms 

                                   9:00-11:00    "Ancient Kinetic Wisdom" - (live music)

                                                 the biomechanical genius of tradition

                                                 with Francesca Pedullá,

                                                 Live Music: Eric Acakpo and Alessio Turconi 

                                   11:15-13:15   "Hidden Moves" - The effect of the unseen - with Barış Mıhçı 

                                   16:30-18:30   "Nature Unveiled" - Celebrating embodiment - with Frey Faust

Saturday 24th 18:45 - 19:30  Orientation Circle

Tuesday 27 20:30

Sharing - offerings from the NC participants


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