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WEEK III   16.00 - 18.00


One can Draw a figure  

- graphic transposition of embodiment.



One can draw a figure or a body that depicts a real object or a photo, but one can also draw while discovering all the figures that are in his/her mind from body-memory.

This one week experience has the goal of reaching some point where the representation of the body is no longer an aesthetic exercise, but is deeply connected with the expressive need of the dancer-drawer.


The journey will be guided by Sandro Beltramo, painter and sculptor.


Each student should bring an A4 format sketch-pad, light paper (50/60 gr.), about 100 to 150 pages and A4 format sketch-pad, heavier paper (130/150 gr.), about 50 to 70 pages.


view Sandro's art here




senza tit.jpg

Sandro Beltramo

Sandro Beltramo


Sandro Beltramo was born in 1943 in Turin, Italy. After completing high school, he worked for several years in advertising and publishing firms as an art director and a free-lance graphic designer. In 1975 he moved to India where he studied and practiced special techniques for creative and spiritual growth.

After commuting between India and Italy for five years, he began to explore other artistic dimensions and started to work as painter and sculptor. In the meantime he developed a strong interest in teaching and worked both privately and in several institutions.

He currently conducts creative workshops with children and adults that result in a fertile expressive tension with his artistic practice.

Since 1990 Sandro Beltramo has created ceramic works, paintings and sculptures.




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