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Accomodation is available either in the Guest Lodge which provides spacious dormitory style rooms with comfortable beds or in form of camping in the beautiful surrounding meadows and woods with access to showers, bathrooms and storage space in the Main Farmhouse. If you camp you have to bring your own equipment. We also recommend to bring some extra rope and a tarp to rain proof your temporary home. It can be quite rainy in June and sometimes chilly at night, so bring warm clothes, flashlight, rain gear, insect repellant etc. 


There are laundry facilities available for $2 per load for washing and $2 per load for drying. 


The use of the wood stove sauna, library and common spaces are included in the daily room & board fee.

Accomodation & WORKSHOP Prices 

Guest Lodge Dormitory + 3 Meals + Facilities:  $62/day         


Camping + 3 Meals + Facilities:  $46/day

Commuter rates* (without food): $5/day/class (i.e. if you commute for one class per day its $5, two classes per day $10, three $15)

*commuter rates cover the costs of facility use such as studio, sauna, showers and common spaces


Individual meal costs only for commuters: Breakfast $8, Lunch $12, Dinner $15 (commuters have to sign-up and pay for their meals at the registration table at the beginning of the week.)

For people staying three weeks there is a 10% reduction on the room&board fees.

Exact workshop pricing will be indicated on the registration form. They range from $115 - $140/workshop



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