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#3 Nomadic College EarthDance

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The Open Mentoring Space is at once a library, a model building lab and practice zone. Members of the teacher staff will be on hand to respond to comments, reflections, questions and assist in detailing and examining personal practice.

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OCTOBER 1st to 14th


Frey Faust / Nuria Bowart

WEEK ONE Oct 1st to 6th - Axis Syllabus fundamentals:

morning warm up 7:30 - 8:30  teacher: 

the morning warm-up periods are guided meditative moments to gently wake and prepare the body for the day's demands

workshop one -  8:45 to 10:45  teacher: Frey Faust

Shake It Don't Break It

Jiggle, wiggle, waggle, wobble... gentle oscillation fluidifies and releases, warms and mobilises. In this class we will de and recompose undulations for a deeper understanding of what is doing what, when and where it's all going, while we treat ourselves the way mamma would want

workshop two -  11:00 to 13:00  Nuria Bowart

The Logic of Support

The human body is made up of many forms and directions of material. From joints to fascia, the shapes and qualities of the body are “defined” by the pathways of force moving through it.

In our time together we will look at support as it relates to:

*anatomy of the foot  

*dynamic alignment 

*our focus and attention 

*sequencing and organizing masses


In this course some tools we will use are:

*solo and partner improvisation

*games and scores 

*anatomical research

*the engine of our own curiosity

lunch 13:30 to 14:30.      

workshop three  16:30 to 18:30  

Cozy Nesting

Come home to the cozy congruency of your joints. Our inner alignment can connect us to gentle weaving and waving. We will explore the articular surfaces of some of the main motion centers in the body and how they interplay through locomotion. From this investigation we discover what possibilities and freedoms can arise while maintaining connection in the nest. 

dinner 19:00 to 20:00

evening warm down 20:30 to 21:30 Nuria              

OPEN MENTORING SPACE - 11:00 to 16:00

C from  11: to 12:30

Frey   from  13: to 14:30

Nuria  from  15: to 16:30

WEEK TWO Oct 8 to 14 - adding challenges

morning warm up  7:30 to 8:30     Frey 

workshop one -   8:45 to 10:45   

Springy Flight

How can we hone tensile readiness and adaptable integrity? What are the qualities of tensegrity that are pertinent to the human body? Here, we will investigate what can assist us in preparation for flight. Attuning to cycles of movement for optimal force transmission, we play within the elastic range of tissues and get ready to soar

workshop two -   11:00 to 13:00   teacher: Frey Faust

Vectors Matter

Why consider directions carefully? Different directions bring us into distinctly different situations. Some of those situations might or might not be desired. The appraisal of our surroundings and the ability to predict the outcome of a directional choice is one of the most basic ways to create a respectful social ambience, and claim physical autonomy. In this class we will use the AS vector system to study outcomes (forces), and practice directional precision and accuracy.

lunch 13:30 to 14:30   

workshop three*   16:30 to 18:30  teacher: Nuria Bowart

The Star You Are: Spiraling through connection

This session applies The Axis Syllabus to Contact Improvisation. Using partner, group and solo exercises, we will explore the C-star pattern, Myofascial meridians and functional pathways to find support options for you!

*NOTE !! C.I., being inherently complicated and more dangerous than solo work, requires from us an enhanced awareness of space, weight and leverage, implying the assumption of responsibility for the psychophysical welfare of everyone we dance with. Please consider your interests and skills before signing up for this course.

dinner 19:00 to 20:00

evening warm down 20:30 to 21:30  Frey              

OPEN MENTORING SPACE - 11:00 to 16:00

Nuria  from   11: to 12:30

C from   13: to 14:30

Frey   from   15: to 16:30


Free AS Lab Classes
tuesdays 2:30 to 4:pm
Sunday October 8th
: 8: to 9:30pm
Conference: Christos Galanis - Relational Animism

click here for more information

Saturday October 14th 8:30 to 9:30pm

Sharing:informal performance opportunity

for NC participants 

Closing Celebration!

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