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Nuria Bowart




16.00 - 18.00 


Cultivating a Helical Intelligence between the Earth and Sky.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art with its roots in the Yoruba Culture, its limbs in the land of Brazil, and its fruit bearing the legacy of slavery.  Within Capoeira is a helical intelligence that utilizes elastic recoil, spiraling ramps and our own complex network of joint articulations to navigate the terrain of space available to us.  Using the soft and strong surfaces of our bodies we can manage forces like gravity, and momentum with grace. This class is focusing on moving in and out of the floor in partners and will involve the use of high dynamics, strength and coordination.  In this class we will practice making the Roda (an organism that we make together with our movement, our attention and our sounds), playing inside of it, watching one another play, and singing while we do it!




Nuria Bowart is a movement artist, a healer, a teacher and a mother.  She has been dancing her whole life and has spent more than two decades teaching Capoeira, improvisation and partner dance of various types.  Nuria is an avid student and teacher of anatomy. She is a teacher of the Axis Syllabus, and has a private practice as a Rolfer. Nuria enjoys snuggling with her kids and making movement games.  She lives and teaches in Berkeley, Ca.

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