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4. Ter'la ©Sophal Larcin.jpeg
1. Affiche Racines ©Francis Nicolle.jpg
2. Racines de songe ©Lionel Devuyst.jpg


12th of August - 21h 

At les Muscardins in Luc en Diois during the Nomadic College 2023

Racines is a sensorial experience mixing dance, visual arts and plant movement. Empty space.
Black floor. A woman, alone. Faceless. A table, its surface covered by a large white sheet. The character's face hidden by long black straight hair. Not revealing traits or emotions. Hands running through her mane pluck two graphites... this solo invites the audience to be guided by perceptions, to enter a moving and poetical landscape, tainted with humor and soul. A body revealed through raw consciousness, leaving traces behind, evoking tragedy, desire or derision. A piece that questions what's common in our ancestral roots, as well as the converging movement between humanity and plant life.


Choreography, concept & performance : Anne-Cécile Chane-Tune / Technical direction : Clément Papin / Artistic assistant : Zoé Joarlette / Sound creation : Sophie Berger / Light design : Fred Nicaise / Costume design : Line de Munnynck / Outside perspective : Bob Verschueren / executive production : Cie MAPS / Coproductions : Théâtre Marni (bel), Maison des cultures de Molenbeek (bel), Pierre de Lune (bel)


With the support of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (Service de la Danse) and Parcours asbl (bel), Studios de Virecourt (fr), Charleroi danse (bel), la Cité des Arts et Lespas Île de la Réunion, Axis Syllabus Summit festival (all), Scie Festival (it), Hybrid studio (bel).

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