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Monday August 21 

11.45 presentation / talk / experience

Nod Your Head Yes - the spine-skull junction

  • I will give an anatomical outline of the spine-skull junction and surrounding tissues.

  • I will share the research I have done about this area of the body through other scientific lenses and applications, such as neurology and physiology.

  • I will share some questions (and maybe some answers!) regarding other possible models/concepts/ideas that can help us enter and embody this interesting area. (How is this area involved in Traditional Chinese Medicine or in the chakra system?)

  • I will share related teaching tools that have been useful to me, such as metaphors, imagery, exercises, pictures, and names.

  • I have just started investigating more concretely how the mechanics and anatomy of this area relates to the rest of the AS pool of info, and how to go about describing that relationship, so depending on how that process gels over the next few months, I may be able to include some insights on that as well. At the least I will share whatever questions and curiosities arise from my studies/research.




Madeleine Shen lives in the city jungle of Toronto and spends her time teaching math, dancing and thinking about the body. She spent her adolescence training and performing with the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre Company. To feed her craving for technical and scientific knowledge, she completed a degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and has since been sharing her love of math with high school students through private tutoring. She continued training in dance at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and The Limón Institute, in NYC. She joined forces with the ladies at the Toronto Dance Community Love-In (2010-2015) to organize and curate much needed alternative dance training in Toronto. She has been studying with the Axis Syllabus International Research Community since 2012, investigating and practicing bio-mechanically profound movement, fusing and infusing her love for science and movement. She is currently a candidate teacher of the Axis Syllabus. In 2015 she began studying at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, with a dream of one day offering a multifaceted health care practice combined with movement education and artistic exploration.

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