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Kinetic Ethics

Baris Mihci

Phase 3
August 13th to 18th

Kinetic ethics - developing empathy for our physical structure and activity

Movement on planet earth has always been present. The planet, even the galaxy is always in motion and even our ground that we rely on has always been moving. They all have their own laws that we can partially measure or observe. The human body has developed under these laws of physics and through history we have added layers of cultural understanding to refine or alternate the movements of humans. Anthropologically we have entered the period of ethics that give us new hints to understand the human body and our movement choices. 
İn this context I invite you to experience our physical structure and work along certain choices that are developed in respect to our current understanding of anatomy and physiology. The Axis Syllabus will serve as an information resource in order to develop movement material that includes empathy for possibilities as well as for limitations.