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PHASE 2 August 6th to 11th

16:30 - 18:00 

Tools for Human Movement Analysis

---- Applied Theory

The Human Movement Alphabet is a universal writing system for describing, documenting, evaluating and composing human movement patterns and possibilities. It allows to radically narrow our focus on directionality, support systems, anatomical movements, muscular activity, mechanical forces, timing, and so on. As a process oriented self-educational tool, it can facilitate the enhancement of movement skills through the acquisition of analytical competences. If used strategically, it serves as a complement to learning through imitation. 

What we will do.

We will share scientific, anatomical and biomechanical information from the Axis Syllabus archive sublimated in the Human Movement Alphabet. 

We will provide impulses for your personal learning methodology by sharing some of our own through scores, exercises and games.

We will attentively watch, record, analyse, identify, name and document movement patterns using appropriate terminology and coding symbols.

Please, bring paper, colour pencils, your personal cell phone for video recording, and your inquisitive spirit.