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Axis in da House

Hip Hop and on and on..

Sara Parisi

sara hip hop.jpeg

Phase 4 August 20-25

I approach the adoption and integration of HIP HOP and related culture, music and dance styles such as: House, Funk, West African and Brazilian dance from a biomechanically informed perspective.

Through the lens of these innovative, vital, life-celebrating grass roots movement movements, I investigate the body's interaction with gravity, rhythm, other humans with the intention to "feel at home" in our own bodieez, In Da HOUSE.
I intend to facilitate the deepening awareness of the subtlety between sensing and managing, suggesting and letting things happen, the idea being to flow easily towards a subtle virtuosity that expresses the intrinsic poetry of embodiment.

Physical parameters imply individual organization strategies, so studying fundamental principles is a key to self respect as we move into the adoption of a specific style. These studies grant a wide range of technical tools that can enhance and empower us to communicate the essence of Hip Hop, venerating life by being "in the groove!"

We will focus on how kinetic energy can propagate through body structures and how to store potential energy in some parts to play in expanding our expressive modes in multiple aesthetics.

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