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What is it? How does it work? Why does it exist at all? I am not talking about love... although the quandary is identical. Gravity, like love, remains a mystery, although it observably glues the universe together, is the basis for all form and forms of life, including us humans. As with love, our relationship with this mysterious and ubiquitous force suggests a curious, investigative rather than dogmatic and predetermined approach. Revelation and pleasure come through disciplined investigation; moving celebrations and peaceful repose the potential rewards. 

Gravity Sympath


support and mobility


Kira Kirsch

What does authentic play with gravity look like? Does it exist? What is potential energy and where is it located? How much resistance, how much letting go?  How about falling up and how small can a micro fall be? These and other questions around falling are subject of this workshop which invites us to surrender, pretend, beat or meet gravity, sometimes a beast sometimes a magic wizard. 

Would you like to become a Gravity Sympath?  Falling might be feared, but it could also be harnessed for effortless movement. We will work on disarming residual fear and cultivate falling as a primary impulse for movement development and phrase work as well as make gravity a filter to perceive anatomical and structural relationships. Expect lively integrative friction between theory and practice, as well as hands on work, movement research/experimentation and dance as falling. 

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