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Tuesday June 2nd 6.30pm - 7.30pm



with Penny Schultz (US)


Penny will lead us skillfully and passionately into singing soungs and rounds from all over the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet everybody in a heart-warming and energizing way.


free event for NC participants and vistors

Wednesdays June 10th & June 17th 8.30pm - 10.00pm



guided bodywork with Zoe Solomon(UK)


These classes will focus on what is highlighted by the needs of those present. We may explore concepts of introducing motion into a body, or cultivating space and stillness. Applying anatomical concepts of structural integrity in our own bodies as we practice and into those who receive. We may examine scientific theories of touch or simply choose to connect through our intuitive experience of that science. 

Freeing up, holding dear, and making space, to support the work we are doing in the Nomadic College and elsewhere.


Zoë has been studying and practicing manual therapy for twelve years, incorporating a range of techniques and philosophies including Swedish massage, shiatsu and mindfulness practices. She is currently working on a Masters in Osteopathy where she is combining the holistic and biomedical  study of osteopathy with the alignment principles of the Axis Syllabus, with the aim of offering an approach that embraces the treatment of the body as a moving entity.


free for NC participants and $10 suggested donation for visitors - to be paid at the door

Sundays June 7th & June 14th  9.30am -  11am



with Sebastian Grubb (California)


Sebastian is a movement artist and personal trainer based in San Francisco. He has toured nationally with AXIS Dance Company since 2009, and with Scott Wells & Dancers since 2008. His choreography has been shown extensively in the SF Bay Area and also in Los Angeles, Washington State, Wyoming, Washington DC, Florida, Russia, and on FOX TV's "So You Think You Can Dance". Additionally, he is a certified teacher of the Axis Syllabus.
Sebastian has worked as a fitness instructor for individuals and small groups since 2006. He trains clients both outside and in his private studio. He is a firm believer in training the body and mind as an integrated whole in order to achieve sustainable results on all levels. He also offers nutrition coaching to his clients and writes about many health-related subjects. Sebastian holds certificates as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Health Coach.


free for NC participants and $10 suggested donation for visitors - to be paid at the door

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