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NC  La Drôme  2 0 1 9 


August 4 to 9

Phase I - introduction and basic understanding

9:30 - 11:30   As above So Below   Frey Faust 

deeper study of criss-crossing arcs in anatomical micro/macro structures

Below the skin and inside the cells, the body's structure manifests as a complex

of curved, interlocked and twisted triangular shapes. These shapes offer

movement trajectories that describe volume using the same fractal patterns.

Come explore the subtle genius that the evolution of the human bodyplan blueprint

grants the avid and diligent mover.


11:45 - 13:45   The Polyrhythmic Body - Francesca Pedulla + Lorenzo Gasperoni
Investigating the dialogue between rhythm and the moving body
Live music and live electronic: Lorenzo Gasperoni

The polyrhythmic body is a pedagogical project inspired by the relationship between polyrhythms

and the dancing body in the cultures of West Africa and the Diaspora. In these traditions, dance and

music are inextricably linked, in continuous dialogue. Mirroring each other, they come together in a

single language that is in continuous metamorphosis.
In our proposal we merge the inherent wisdom of tradition with the latest studies in somatic practice,

anatomy biomechanics and musical analysis with the aim to facilitate a deep intimacy between live

music and the moving body. Through experiment, guided improvisation, games and short dance

phrases we suggest ways to gather skill and awareness, as well as engender and enhance creative

   Recognize a rhythmical structure
   Move with or in opposition to the rhythm
   Influence or be influenced by a rhythmic phrase
   Compose your own rhythmical movement
   Dance together without loosing the sense of self or personal style

17:00 - 19:00  Ready for takeoff ----> Prepare for landing - Galiya Tzur

tools for a pleasurable and safe flight, from and to the floor

A powerful, effective jump requires timely use of the elastic properties and force generation

abilities of our musculo-fascial-skeletal system. A safe landing requires integrated alignment

and the wise management of impact forces. In this workshop we will spring into the art of

jumping and practice various landing strategies suggested by the ancient and intimate

relationship between the body's magnificent anatomy and the forces acting upon it. 

August 11 - 16

Phase II - application / exploration of practice

9:00 - 11:00 Ancient Kinetic Wisdom - Francesca Pedulla + Eric Acakpo
Clues from the analysis of beninese traditional dances
Live music: Eric Acakpo and invited musician
Dance-artist Francesca Pedullà and musician Eric Acakpo work together since more than 10 years,

teaching, creating contexts for cultural and artistic exchange and performing in Benin and abroad.
Their artistic and pedagogic collaboration focuses on the fundamental spiritual and social roles in

which dance and music are vested in Benin’s culture. Their attention is captured by the structure

and phasing of ritual as a performative act where the body, the rhythm, the voice, the gesture and

repetition become instruments of evocation, portals for connection and access to collective memory.

These processes translate from the persona to the collective and although structured, leave space

for improvisation. During the workshop, we will discover the universal bio-mechanical and subtle

rhythmic principles on which some traditional motifs are built. We will step further by learning some

traditional dances and relating them to their context (content, meaning, spatial relation and dialogue

with the rhythm). Moreover we will use the gathered experience to move towards creative collective

and personal re-elaboration.

11:15 - 13:15  Kinetic Esthetics - Barış Mihci
movement intelligence and memory
Esthetic generally refers to cultural attitudes that define beauty, whether object or person. With kinetic
esthetics, I am suggesting that the body itself is beautiful I think that the principles of movement that
allow the body to move with grace, ease, logic and efficiency also confer awe inspiring beauty. That the
moment the body is one with its design and the forces in the universe, it is breathtakingly gorgeous.
The beauty I see when a cat or a bird moves with the instinctive knowledge and respect of its form.
My intention with this session is to offer a space where the body is acknowledged and supported while
we expand possibilities for playful inter-corporal collaboration. We will allow the inherent esthetic to
unfold that appears when the body's elements move in accordance to each other, in relation to and with
the support of everything around us.

17.00 - 19:00 Maelstrom of Stability  Jerome D'Orso
tight-rope, the art of balance
The revelations the Axis Syllabus facilitated for me on the practice of the balance on wire has been my

sustained focus for more than fifteen years. In this class, I will share some of the experiences of this quest:
Perception and sense of balance
Curves and spirals induced by the articular systems of the body
The incessant game of compensation and bi-lateral relationship of the driving masses, especially the arms
Dynamics, effects of mass, falls and elevations
Feet and footwork
The urgent and immediate nature of the practice will stimulate our immediate grasp of this subtle dance of

reaction. The dance before the dance that makes us hold the suspension in the middle of the storm of our

internal compensations.

17.00 - 19:00  The FA - Erik Acackpo - 5 days workshop, sunday to thursday

oracle, archetypal symbology, philosophical inquest, math-memory aide and origin of modern

binary computer operating systems. Profound wisdom. A true cultural bridge.

August 18 - 23

Phase III - advanced application of practice


9:00 - 11:00 Less is More - Baris Mihci
"better too much than not enough" or "too much of anything is harmful", two statements that

are true depending on the situation or context. In this workshop, which is a continuation of

the workshop from Phase 2 we will try to understand how much of something is useful by

examining the context. This means questioning the objective, the environment, looking at

the moment before and imagining the moment after. High use of force can make sense to

compensate or protect from impact, imbalanced physical forces or unconsidered reflexes

can be useful for unexpected situations. Some appropriate choice have a high price... what

are our options? We will take time to assess and analyze context and choices, consider the

results of previous experiences and hopefully become more aware and precise in our

selected applications.

11:15 - 13:15 Nexus Theory  Frey Faust
focus on the Anatomical Center

Introduction to a rhyzomatic anatomical viewpoint which regards the body in terms of clusters,

and inter-related intersections. The Anatomical Center is the hypothesis

of a "city center" or main intersection in an anatomical rhysome. Although many scientifically

established aspects of current science give clear indications that this mid-riff area is at least

some kind of major network, it should be said that it is not yet confirmed by science. The

awareness and regulation of forces through this area has been useful for many of our students

through the years. One; this area has short, direct fascial connections to other key areas of the

body that are most often involved in movement, and Two) the COG very often moves closer to

this area as we negotiate space. Warning: Sophisticated, undulatory movement patterns will be explored here.

16:00 - 18:00  Vulnerably strong: Senses and sensory perspective -  Timos Zechas

Our senses support movement. We sense therefore we move; these two are inseparable. Our nervous system is

equipped with more sensory nerve fibers than motor ones. In this workshop we’ll explore our senses related to

movement. Conscious practice, in order to perceive the interrelation of body and environment through the senses,

will be of primary focus. We experience the embodiment of sensory information as a means to move through

space while we integrate movement choices. We explore the limits of sensitivity and vulnerability discussing the

hidden potential of being exposed to a sensory world. Theory and practice, improvisations, physical contact and

movement material suggestions will be our tools to our sensory journey. 


18.30 - 20:30 Water on Rock  Jerome D'Orso

site specific partnering skills - Water on the rocks/Partnering in a chaotic space
At the end of the valley, where the river runs, part of the mountain collapsed more than 500 years ago. The resulting

rocky chaos is an amazing site for climbing and tramping. This is where I want to take you to experiment with the

most practical demonstration of mutual aid, the practice of effective collaboration with a partner in complex terrain.
The situation of being in turn supported or sustained, for others a catch, or a passenger in transit, could be inspired

by the presence of rocks and water. At the same time structural architecture, strong, powerful, aligned, and at the

same time the fluid aptitude to undulate without weighing, to marry the form without breaking the cohesion.

August 25 - 30

Phase IV - Restoration/ Consideration/ Creativity


9:30 - 11:30   Anato-me - Frey Faust

revisiting your inner housemates - walking party

This class offers an intensive review of gait mechanics:

informational: official phases in walking, current clinical reports, volumes and physics.

A.S. viewpoint and counsel.

practice: individual analysis for improving grace and power in stepping, prancing, loping, running, leaping

11:45 - 13:45   The Art of Improvisation - Maria Mora

Elastic connections - sponsoring spontaneous creativity
This creativity enhancing work draws inspiration from the Axis Syllabus reference system.

From observations of the skeletal system, we can understand ranges of movement and

directions proposed by the joints. The elastic potential of the myo-fascial system

(muscle/fascia) connects, informs, suspends and supports all parts of the body.

It functions as a sensory instrument for self and environmental perception and force

distribution throughout the body. In these sessions, the practice and understanding

of the various functions and qualities of these systems are grounding, focal aides that

support conceptual or intuitive impulse, creative motif exploration and improvisational play.

17:00 - 20:00 YouSpace - Creative Lab - Facilitation/Moderation: Frey Faust, Baris Mihci, Francesca Pedulla

The NC Creation Lab is a moment for all participants to find an avenue to express or extrapolate something

of their own experience. Francesca, Frey and Baris will suggest manifestation and editing methodology, but

are mainly there to support a personal process. There will be an informal performance at the end, as a means

of sharing the result of the process in the form of a coherent, abstract and compact message.