This year the NC will run three weeks from the 6th to the 25th of August 2021, and will be hosted in Puglia, Italy at La Radice dei Viandanti / The Wayfarer's Root

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curriculum/registration details to come!

Week 1

6th to 11th August
Basics / Fundamentals

Week 2 

13th to 18th August


photo: Barbara Cali

9:-11: "Anatocomotion" - micro movement intensive study of bread-and-butter movement patterns: rolling, crawling, walking, running. Low intensity base patterns are our trampoline to safe assumption of the safe assumption of risk-happy challenges. 

teacher: Frey

11:15-13:15 “The Inner Archer" - Starting from the observation of the curved nature of our external and internal environment, we will study and practice macro postures and transitions that build and use these resilient curves and curved trajectories.

teacher: Francesca

17-19 "Motifs on Sale" - Short sequences and micro-phrases that offer creative mini-challenges that have macro-applications and provide practical experience as a confidence-building departure point to liberated, embodied self expression.

teacher: Baris

9-11 "Ancient Kinetic Wisdom”

Dance-artist Francesca Pedullà and musician Eric Acakpo work together since 2005, teaching, creating contexts for cultural and artistic exchange and performing in Benin and abroad. Their artistic and pedagogic collaboration focuses on the fundamental spiritual and social roles in which dance and music are vested in Benin’s culture. Their attention is captured by the structure and phasing of ritual as a performative act where the body, the rhythm, the voice, the gesture and repetition become instruments of evocation, portals for connection and access to collective memory. These processes translate from the persona to the collective and although structured, leave space for improvisation.

During the workshop, we will discover the universal bio-mechanical and subtle rhythmic principles on which some traditional motifs are built. 

We will go further by learning some traditional dances and relating them to their context (content, meaning, spatial relationship and dialogue with the rhythm)and use the gathered experience to move towards creative collective and personal re-elaboration.

teacher: Francesca and Eric / live music: Eric and invited musician

11:15-13:15 "Kinetic Ethics" - Strength, flexibility, range of options, safe management of potential crisis. Studying/sensing into how we are made is the underpinning for ethical physical practice. Knowing what is there, how it is shaped and disposed and what it offers or suggests, allows us to determine what treatment or strategy furthers. We receive respect in return when we offer it to our bodies, the willing support of every endeavor.

teacher: Frey

Week 3 

20th to 25th August


The science of matter and energy and their interactions

We begin by observing the poly-articular and curved constitution of our spine that strongly suggests a movement pattern based on the principle of the wave.  One of the main characteristics of wave-like locomotion is the seemingly effortless propagation of kinetic energy through the body.

We will explore the efficiency of undulatory movement in the spine and body for its internal attributes such as lowering stress and friction in all the articular structures of the body, better distribution of impact and possibly reducing injury, as well as for its external aspects of broadening physical performance. 

teacher: Kira

11:15-13:15 "Kinetic Expansion" 

Respect for and knowledge of the body and rigor in the application of that knowledge offers us the possibility to harness gravitation and mechanical forces, to fill the room beyond the limits of skin and the body's dimensions to radiate into the world.

teacher: Frey

17:00 - 19:00  "Airwalks" - falling up… propelling, rebounding, diving to rise, leaning on the air… reclining on the air… walking on air!

teacher: Baris

photo: Barbara Cali

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