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The Skeletal System

A BODY-MIND CENTERING oriented workshop

Condense, expand, surrender, resist, undulate, swing and suspend. In this workshop we will explore the skeletal system through touch and movement.


BMC is Bonnie Bambridge Cohen's brilliant contribution to the somatological study of movement. BMC's Experiential Anatomy method will be the primary instrument for inquiry and discovery in this session. We will discover our movement in space, finding support in the dialogue between bones and joints. We will re-experience “natural” flexion and extension as an inherent part of our first developmental stages as babies, and all along the way towards the adulthood life.


Tatiana photo

Tatiana Loverdou

Tatiana Loverdou(director of dansarte)

Tatiana finished her prevocational dance studies at the faculty of “Leonidas de Pian” in Athens, while studying at the Industrial High School in Thessaloniki. She graduated from the Professional School of Dance “Despina Grigoriadou”. In 1990 she created ”Center for Dance” a private School in Patras. She also founded the group “Presence” (which evolved into today's professional dance group "Salto Futuro"). From 1989 to 1999 she attended various seminars on Contemporary Dance (E. Hawckins, H. Limon and Release technique) Tai Chi, Yoga, Body-Mind Centering and Massage in London, New York, Chiang Mai, Athens, Kalamata, Chania, Tinos. At the same time her private School hosted several seminars on the corresponding techniques. As a Fullbright scholar she studied at the school of Body-Mind Centering ® America from 1999 to 2002 at Amherst College, Massachusetts, acquiring the title of "Practitioner" and "Somatic Movement Educator", while studying Contemporary Dance in New York (Trisha's Brown School and Movement Research School, in 2000). At the same time she dealt with Yoga. She studied alongside with Patti Bradshaw, Constantinos Giannetakis, and Penny Chaplin. She is a certified teacher of Iyengar Yoga. She has been presenting her work as a choreographer and dancer from 1993 both in Patras and Athens. She is also a permanent collaborator of the Municipal Theatre of Patras since 1996. During the period of 2003-2005 she represented the Dance Theater of the Municipal Theatre of Patras with three productions ("Nostalgia" - "Light" - "Deception of Love"). In 2006 she presented two productions ("Toulouse Lautrec" and " Rocks ") in the context of Patras as Cultural Capital of Europe. In 1997 and 2010 she participated in the International Festival of Patras with the piece " Modern Times " - " Wall ". With the same performance “”Wall” she won a prize at the Contemporary Dance Platform held at the Music Hall of Athens in 2010 . Her recent collaboration with the Municipal Theatre of Patras was in 2013 with the production “Homo Sapiens”. In 2008 she established her private School in Patras called Center of Dance and Art’s DANSARTE, combining the parallel operation of the Dance School and the hosting of cultural events. She teaches Contemporary Dance and Yoga, influenced by Body-Mind Centering, and hosts annual circles and seminars for the BMC community in Patras and Athens. For the last three years she has hosted Axis Syllabus events at her Dance School “Dansarte”. She is a candidate for certification to teach the Axis Syllabus. She is a member of the Organization for Greek Dance School Owners.

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