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Hip Hop over Borders

The geographical expansion of the Hip Hop movement through the years  is founded on the concept of innovation and the permission to be influenced by all arts and traditions, with the preservation of an original philosophical foundation and an aesthetic essence. The principal values of Hip Hop are about bringing people together; accessibility for all social groups, space to share creatively and a celebration of different identities in a constructive way.

My artistic and pedagogical trajectory brings an analytical approach to the sophisticated interactions between dance, rhythm, use of shared space, groove and creativity.

We will explore different aspects of the various styles through biomechanics, gestural meaning, dialog with the rhythm, while noting elements of traditional dance from Africa, and South America and other discipline from Europe and North America that have had a significant influence in Hip Hop trajectory.


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Sara Parisi


Dancer, pedagogue and choreographer. Director and teacher in different artistic and cultural international projects in Europe, Benin, and Bahia (Brazil). Graduated in Motor and Sport Science, she explores biomechanical analysis with the study of Axis Syllabus. Graduated in the Traditional Arts Academy “IAT GONG”. Teaches dance inspired by Hip Hop culture and West-African dance, in particular from Benin. Co-founder of CQB Association (Genoa;2006) which organizes cultural and artistic exchange projects for professional dancers and children. Creator and performer of autonomous and collaborative performance projects.

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