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SUMMIT WEEK   August 22, 23, 25 and 26

9.30 - 11.30 4 part class

“Multiple toolboxes - Axis Syllabus and the Social”

This workshop aims to create and play with alternative, interwoven toolboxes to use as part of the AS reference system. We’ll attempt to think the biological within the social, which might create a paradox situation for us as researchers as well as teachers and students. Can we sustain, exist, learn, create and move in a paradox situation?

We question the following:

How can we in the AS community use scientific resources as references? What do they offer us and how do the resources limit us? Could we use the limitations to ask further questions and go beyond?

One aspect of this workshop is to experiment with how one reads scientific articles. Why does reading texts matter?  Our second aspect of our exploration is to apply an intersectional feminist perspectives in teaching situations. How can that influence the perception of our own body, other bodies, bodies in space, bodies in motion, bodies in contact? How does language define and affect our reality, our perception of human anatomies and identities?



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