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SUMMIT WEEK    August 24

14.00 - 18.00


a collective creative brainstorm moderated/hosted by Elisa Ricci, Francesca Pedulla and Kira Kirsch



The ASRC is a platform which assembles, shares and articulates knowledge about human movement.

In this process of sharing and articulating knowledge and transformation, language plays a central role. Where do the words that we use to talk about the human body and movement come from? How do they transform in the process of sharing and studying within the ASIRC? The language cultivated by the ASIRC is diverse and  in a process of constant transformation. This plurality of backgrounds from a linguistic point of view (from science, from body practices, from humanities, pedagogy etc.) mirrors the plurality of voices in the community. During this event, through the lens of language, we will playfully research how we can draw from this plurality and generate a lively language to speak about AS, the body and movement. A language, empathic and scientific at a time. We will tell stories, ask questions, play games, implement scores and instigate discussion. ---> This is about gathering our voices, enjoying the multiplicity of languages and bathing in creative chaos.  

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