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SUMMIT WEEK    August 25 & 26

11.45 - 13.45

Nature will give a clue.

Outdoor practices in a park.


I suggest to spend couple days outside, enjoying sun and summer in a green Berlin park!

The first day will be more meditative with possibility to observe and notice movement in nature - to be inspired by its symmetry and asymmetry, waves, spirals, loops, spherical directions and flows to discover it in our own bodies.

The second day will be more active. We’ll explore animal quality of ground and manifestation of our own weight and take this quality into a partner’s game to make invitation to communication less directive, more free, joyful and playful.

Phase 2    August 29 - September 2

Fragility and stability. Knee-joint.


Whatever practices we do in life, the knee joint is often a "weak spot" in the structure of our body: it experiences a tremendous amount of stress, prone to injury, often causes painful sensations. Especially it concerns dancers and those who move often and actively in their life. Being constantly prone to stress and loads, the knees require special attention and carefulness from us.


On the classes we will bring up the anatomical aspect: we will study the structure of the joint, both knee and neighbors - the hip and ankle, examine the limits and possibilities of these joints, understand the myofascial connections that support and stabilize the work of the knee. We will also take into account the whole body and consider the work of the knee in the context of general movement of the body.


One of our tasks will be the perception of anatomical information not as a directive to action, but as a framework through which the body can learn to reflect and make its own discoveries.

We will learn the dance material - both on the floor and above, we will move a lot and actively, building a dialogue between external information and internal experience.



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Yulia Dolgova

Her dancing career started in Novosibirsk in 2005, where she studied Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation. She graduated from Novosibirsk State University with a degree in Mathematics earlier in the same city.

After moving to St. Petersburg in 2008 she started teaching dance and became one of the founders of Contact Improvisation Studio "Kiwi". As the organizer of dance classes she built for herself an independent training program by inviting teachers like Steve Batts, Benno Voorham, Adrian Russi, Otto Akkanen, Natanja den Boeft, Katerina Basalaeva, Alexander Andriyashkin, Ilya Belenkov and others, as well as taking part in various dance projects and performances. Her interest to exploring the body in dynamic situations and to consciousness in actions led her to meeting Axis Syllabus - the system of movement analysis and training method, which significantly influenced her approach to dance and teaching. From 2010 to 2013 Yulia lived in California, studying Axis Syllabus with teachers like Kira Kirch, Ana Flecha, Frey Faust, Baris Mihci, etc. In 2015 she became a certified Axis Syllabus teacher.

In 2015 she received masters in choreography from the Vaganova Ballet Academy, (Research creative laboratory of composition of contemporary dance forms). Since 2013 she has been living in St. Petersburg, where at the moment she teaches Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus, Contemporary Dance. She also pursues postgraduate studies in the Vaganova Ballet Academy, where she teaches in the master's program "Artistic Practices in Contemporary Dance". She is one of the organizers of the Festival of Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation “Dance Connect”, as well as one of the founders of Axis Syllabus Study Group Russia where she performs organizational, educational and research activities.


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