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SUMMIT WEEK   August 21

9.30 - 11.30

Inner Ear Treasures - Body-Mind Centering®

An exploration of the magical inner ear, where both tone and tonus, sound and equilibrium, are sensed. Diving into a dynamic architecture that includes the fluid-vibrating shell shaped cochlea, the utricle with its gravity indicating crystals, and the labyrinth of the vestibular system with its semicircular canals- corresponding to the three planes of motion. We will engage in hands on, somatization, sound and movement improvisation.



Ayelet 1


Ayelet Yekutiel

Born in Jerusalem (IL) in 1986, Ayelet Yekutiel graduated from SEAD, Salzburg (AT), Sampoorna Yoga Teachers Training (IN) and ‘Kelim’ Choreography Studies (IL). She is a certified ‘Somatic Movement Educatior’ from the school of Body-Mind Cenetring®, and takes part in the Axis Syllabus teachers certification process. Ayelet has worked as a creative dancer for companies and creators such as: Kolben Dance Company, Dafi Altabeb, Daphna Horenczyk, Shaked Dagan (IL), The Symptoms Theatre and Dance Company (HU), Lina Hoehne (DE) Alain Platel, Khaled Barghouthi, Michael Schmid, Benjamin Vandewalle (BE) and more. She is a founding member of ‘Augustine Collective’ and an independent teacher and choreographer, performing and sharing her work internationally.


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