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SUMMIT WEEK   August 26

single class

Catch the golden bird in the moon

– a Qigong and Taijiquan workshop

This workshop offers an exploration of the foundations of Qigong and Taijiquan (Tai Chi). With an introduction to Tuishou (Push Hands) a two-­‐person Taijiquan practice. Participants will learn meditative tools and movements, self-­‐defense and alignment principles, and philosophies on navigating challenging situations.

How can we cultivate strength and fluidity; alertness and relaxation; stability and adaptability? How can we experience these seeming dualities not as opposites, but as a dynamic whole? Participants will be offered meditative and practical tools for cultivating sensitivity and power within ones' own structure and through/with the structure of another. “Catch the golden bird in the moon” is a line from a poem

by Taoist poet and mystic, Sun Bu-­‐Er.




Claire Reid


Claire Turner Reid is a dancer, teacher, internal martial artist, and movement coach.

With extensive study and performance in dance, theatre, and movement arts, Claire

currently teachesQigong, Taijiquan, and Contemporary Dance to youth, adults, and

seniors. Her focus is an ongoing study and sharing of Qigong and Tajiquan, as well

as a passion for human design and movement facilitated by her engagement with

the research of the Axis Syllabus International Research Community (ASIRC). Claire

Is a certified Qigong and Taijiquan teacher as well as a Level I Radiant Lotus Women’s

Qigong Teacher and continues to deepen her Qigong practice under the mentorship

of Sifu Dylan Kirk and Sifu Daisy Lee. She is a Teacher Candidate with the ASIRC.

Drawing on her diverse experience in movement and performing arts, Claire

continues to explore new ways of moving, being, and learning. She uses movement practices as a way to deepen awareness and connection, with a focus on honouring

the integrity of the body.

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