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Monday August 21 

11.45 movement session

Something your Grandmother can do

virtuosically performing basic steps


wouldn't it be just grate if you'll have the chance to dance with your grandma and your young nephew, both at the same time? 


Folk dances, dancesd in a circuits where all members are revealed to each other, where hands are held and one is dependent on its neighbors rythem and energy, a circle that allows and respects different sizes, ages where grandparents and grandchildren can dance together  harmoniously while learning from each other and adapting to one another, is the form of dance we will use to reveal the depth and beauty of some simple steps.


What to expect? 

Some hip joint guided research, negotion with gravity, rhythm, touch, jumps, stamina challenges and joyful togetherness.


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.28.36
Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 11.22.33

Galiya Tzur (IL) is a dance and stage artist, an Axis Syllabus certified Teacher and a student in a Masters program of biomechanics and exercise physiology.

Galiya performed with her own work and with dance and theatre compositions by various choreographers and is currently a member of the actors ensemble at the Nalaga’at Theater. 

She is a graduate of the dance department at the ׳Jerusalem academy of music and Dance׳ from which she received her Bachelor and a teaching diploma. 

In Israel, where she has recently moved back to, Galiya offers regular Axis Syllabus & Dance classes, workshops and artistic consulting.

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