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Growing in Movement

lecture presentation

The first steps towards the contact improvisation with the children from 2,5 years to 6 years.

Thanks to the collaboration of the direction and the teachers of a municipal school of Brussels, During two consecutive years, children from 2,5 years to 6 years were able to discover the contact improvisation during the school time.
From the contact improvisation into a repetitive structured motive, we explored a wide range of possible games to allow the child to discover the/his relationship towards his own body, the one from others and to the space.

This presentation will be the opportunity to share and to exchange through the projection of a video about 15 "redrawing some of these moments of movements which were given/offered to me by the children.



Juggling Contact - movement session


You like contact improvisation you will adore juggling contact!


This meeting will be the occasion to discover a circus technique, (Re) -visiting the fundamentals of the movement and by awaking our sensory system.

We will investigate how the movement of the body allows the balance and the movement of the ball. Let's see how essential the 3 dimensional aspect of the movement is important in contact. A ball which fall, don't take it so seriously.. it's just gravity !

You feel like you want to move with a ball, to make it a dance, becoming a partner. I shall propose you various playful situations and nevertheless technical ones to offer you this chance.

Berlin juggling
Berlin juggling2
Berlin juggling1

Patrick Gautron

He's Initially juggler, "mover" and director through various performances, teaching has always accompanied his artistic career. Juggling, mime, movement, his vision of education has changed over the years with the meeting of AS and of organic farming. Two approaches , one vision: to enable sustainable and respectful development based on knowledge of the environment, one of the body, the other of the earth. Today, in addition to juggling workshops contact, his heart and his body find their place in contact improvisation projects in circus school and primary schools .

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