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SUMMIT WEEK   August 22, 23, 25 and 26

9.30 - 11.30 4 part class

Building Relations?

This proposal is to share a time and space for the collective improvisation and instant composition.

We will start with the wild concept of Relation; Correspondence or connection between two or more things.

Life runs trough Relation, connection, link, communication, interdependence, to exist. We relate with the environment and the environment with itself, it can occurs in agreement or disagreement, conscientious or inconscientious, let's play, discuss and explore around this theme trough the dance improvisation.




Maria Mora


Artist, dancer-performer, teaching movement and dance. Her primary background study started with music at the Conservatory of Enric Granados in Lleida, Catalunya. From this experience she got in contact with contemporary dance. Passionate and curious for this art form, she started to study at the Conservatory in Tarragona that brought her in Brussels for 5 years to continue her development in the dance field where she received informations from different teachers and styles. In 2007 she discovered the Axis Syllabus and got involved in the Axis Syllabus Research Community as a candidate and now as a certified teacher. Today she has returned to Catalunya, teaches music trough movement inspired by Dalcroze. She offers regularly contemporary dance and contact improvisation classes as Axis Syllabus courses in her country and abroad. Artistically she works as performer and researcher in dance improvisation with some projects, Sociedad Alaka, with Soundpainting vocabulary in Free't's Company. She is a member of Mou_lo Projectes dance and music company. She is also taking part as organiser and active dancer in the Mou-lo community for contact improvisation intensives in Lleida.




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