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Martial Arts partnering skills for movers.


In France during the 70s, the Japanese Aikido Master Masamichi Noro sustained a serious injury, after which he began to investigate western somatic disciplines. His inquiry resulted in a new discipline : Kinomichi, a softer, slower, deeper exploration of the body in contrast with the fast, incisive quality of martial arts in general. The result was the integration of deep knowledge that came from opposite sides of the world.


For me, the AS has been extremely helpful for my investigation and practice of master Noro's martial art form, and the other forms I have studied as well.

In this workshop I will offer an overview of the main revelations or insights this process has delivered. There will be moments of scientific analysis investigating myofascial pathways and functional lines of movement, as well as a comprehensive study of partner work. Special attention will be given to traditional forms and their  accompanying mindset or philosophy, for the full immersion experience of a martial art practise.




Filippo Serra

Filippo Serra


I like to define myself as a curious “mover”.

I started studying martial arts when I was 17 years old.
This is now 20 years ago!
I’ve never stopped and my research brought me recently to China where I dedicated full time to internal martial arts.

During the university years I’ve studied physical education and after completing my masters in “Preventive and Adapted Movement Activity” I begun my studies in theatre and contemporary dance.
This brought me to work on stage beside teaching movement to different kind of people.
At the time I specially dedicated to a 1-1 rehabilitation work of old people in collaboraton with doctors and physiotherapists.

Today I'm a versatile performer who likes to mix my knowledge from different disciplines of movement.
I’m particulary interested in training methodologies.
Science and traditions are mixed in what I teach and how I move.

My masters and teachers are coming from different fields...Martial Arts, Mysticism, Science, Sport, Contemporary dance and theatre.
The research never ends and passing to others the information I got until now it’s in my opinion the best ways to review, elaborate and evolve them.

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