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Holding a moment - expansion in dynamic architecture

How can we gain inspiration and knowledge through the use of models and concepts that describe or explain aspects of the human body in motion? How can kinetic sculptures (Theo Jansens’s strandabeest), origami, tensegrity, water attributes and body structure along with biomechanics be combined in order to give us new insights about the dynamics of human movement? How is the moving architecture of our body microscopically and macroscopically influenced by natural laws and individual parameters of anatomy?


In this class we’ll explore dynamic movement through the different perspectives that our concepts of the body offer. I will share my own experience that creativity and imagination, objectivity and subjectivity are part of and have a strong influence on material reality.





Timos Zechas

Timos Zechas is a certified Axis Syllabus teacher and a member of the Axis Syllabus International Research Community (ASIRC) since 2014. He is also an active dancer/performer, dance teacher, and Pilates Instructor and Feldenkrais practitioner (awareness through movement, functional integration) and obtained a diploma from Fernando Pessoa University in Perceptual-Psychoeducation (Danis Bois method). He is also a certified fascial trainer. He graduated from the professional dance school of Niki Kontaxaki, in 1999. In 2002/03 he went at the Trisha Brown Dance Company Studio in New York after obtaining a Fulbright Grant. There he studied extensively on: release technique, improvisation/composition, partnering and repertory of the company. Since 1996 he has collaborated with many dance companies and choreographers such as: the National Greek Ballet, National Greek Theater, the Northern National Dance Theater of Greece, Regional Dance Theater of Patras, Adonis Foniadakis, Christina Klisiouni, Teti Nikolopoulou, Tatiana Loverdou, Maria Gorgia, Igor Zelinski, Carol Armitage, Zerminal Cassado, amongst others. He has also choreographed his own work (“One” 2006, “All that is” 2009, “The lament of Mother of God” 2012, “Don’t go back to sleep” 2013).He teaches contemporary dance using the Axis Syllabus context in a professional dance school (Patras, Greece), and have taught to the Municipal Regional Theater School of Patras. He also, teaches classes and workshops on contemporary dance, axis syllabus, improvisation, Feldenkrais, and Pilates technique to various groups of people. He has participated in contact improvisation and site specific performances among other collaborations.


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