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WEEK 2    

The annual Body Mind Centering conference is happening in North Hampton just before the NC and with the wish in mind to create bridges and embodied dialogues between different schools of thought in the fields of somatics and dance training, we are happy to invite Martha Eddy, somatic pioneer and innovator, who is also presenting at the conference, for a three day workshop into the NC curriculum. 


Saturday - Monday 

9.30 - 9.45 

11.45 - 13.45

Contents Support the Container

- Dancing with the Body-in-Mind


This approach to somatic dance is from 35 years of teaching BodyMind Dancing a form of dance drawing on principles from Dynamic Embodiment. DE is a blend of the analytic yet enlivening work of Laban and Bartenieff with the deep internal work of Body-Mind Centering.  We will focus on finding different movement dynamics through exploration of glands, circulating fluids, and organs.  We will volumize and become as "Big as We Are." The DE approach is intent on finding the support for standing up to injustice and the voice of artistry all wrapped up into one.


*this workshop is in combination with "roots and rivers" by Zoe Solomons that will start after Martha's wksp from Tuesday - Thursday. 



Martha Eddy is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Teacher of Body-Mind Centering and Certified Movement Analyst with a doctorate in Movement Science, on the faculty at Empire State College, SUNY, and Princeton University. She is the author of Mindful Movement, the evolution of the somatic arts and conscious action, the founder of Moving For Life DanceExericse for Health, BodyMind Dancing and The Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Education and Therapy training.  She is currently excited to have launched - Moving For Life's new lower east side home for somatic movement + the arts in NYC. 

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