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15.45 - 17.45 single class


Break and Practice

In this practice sessions we will listen and dance to funky music and have a look at the vocabulary and conventions of Break Dance culture. Contrary to the general perception that you can only "break" if you have a lot of muscle power, coordination is more important. In this practice sessions, I will offer tips and methods that could allow you to acquire the skill to do these demanding, highly dynamic moves.

Using the Axis Syllabus to analyze and understand how inertial and gravitational forces act on our body, we will practice guided improvisation, somatic exercises and repetitive movement patterns to raise proprioceptive awareness, and take breaks for personal exploration.

This practice sessions are open level!





Lisbeth Bitto currently lives and works in Vienna as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. In 2015 she received her Axis Syllabus certification. Since then she has held regular workshops and classes at home and abroad. She has worked for various international choreographers (i.a. Christina Raubauer (A), Janice Parker (GBR), Joseph Eder (G), Romina Kolb (A) and Silke Grabinger (A)) and has been recently performing in the Dschungel Wien. Above and beyond this, she is artistically and choreographically involved in socio- political projects and is currently the artistic manager of TheaterFlucht Österreich. The art and cultural association CorpoColectivo was founded in 2014 through her initiative. www.lisbethbitto.com www.coco.wien



Lisbeth Bitto